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I have a Honda Civic, 2002 and someone broken my rear windshield glass while I was parked at a football game. I called my dealer and they quoted me like $538 to replace it. I have a friend who said I might be able to find a cheaper one at the junk yard, is this an option?


Dallas, TX

Hey Samantha, ouch…that was one expensive football game! Yes, of course you should call a few junk yards in your area and see what they get for the rear windshield glass, but I have a strong feeling it will not be cheaper than an aftermarket rear windshield installed would be. I have seen many windshields removed from a junk yard, and most of the time the glass chips or cracks on the edges when they try to remove it from the vehicle.

For just a few bucks more you can get a totally new rear windshield with no cracks or chips. Get a free no obligation quote using the banner on this site and compare the rates yourself and decide.

January 30th, 2009

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