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By admin on April 29th, 2008

Reader Question My car windshield was just cracked by a small rock or something that flew up from a big truck in front of me…I am pissed! Can all cracks be repaired or do some cracks require a new windshield to be installed? I want to go the cheapest route possible.


St. Louis, Mo

Windshield repair is the more viable and economical option as compared to windshield replacement, which can be much more expensive. Keeping your automobile windshield from being damaged is very hard to do, however they can be easily repaired with a windshield repair kit.

Windshield repair is a great alternative to complete windshield replacement. However, only a competent technician will be able to tell you whether you need a replacement or a simple repair, you might want to try repairing it and see what happens…most repair jobs are less than $35.

Can My Car Windshield Be Repaired Or Replaced?

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