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Reader Question How did you guys get comparison rate quotes on auto glass and windshields? is there a list of windshield replacement companies or something that you used? I have a 2001 Chevy truck that needs a new windshield and I am on a super tight budget, any help will be appreciated.


St. Louis MO

Welcome Henry. make your quote search easy and use the banner on this site to get comparison quotes in your area. its about the easiest way I know of to shop for auto glass. just enter your zip, and select the make and model of your truck and thats it. You will see a list of auto glass companies within 20 miles of your zip code, with prices. Most if not all of them offer free mobile installation. I would expect to pay about $169 for a Chevy truck replacement windshield.

happy hunting


May 20th, 2008

Reader Question Does anyone have a suggestion for a cheap BMW replacement windshield? The dealership wants an arm and a leg for a new one, so I was hoping to find an aftermarket replacement windshield.


Houston, TX

Hey there, I would definitely stay clear of the BMW dealership for a new windshield…they are way to proud of their auto glass. I was able to get a BMW replacement windshield for my 2007 Z3, and it only cost me $489 with free installation, which was nice. I am in Miami, so the guys I used will not help you in Houston, but I see banners for on this site…and I hear they are a great place to start your quote search.

happy hunting,


May 20th, 2008

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