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Reader Question: Is it possible to repair a crack in my windshield that is long and wavy? Here is my picture of my Mazda 626, thanks in advance.

Josh, Dallas TX

Josh, you are not going to be able to repair this cracked windshield my friend. Get a free quote on a new windshield, they are not as expensive as you think they are.

May 28th, 2008

Reader Input I was surfing online as I normally do, and found this site. I did get a quote from the banner listed on this page and found a company that I had contacted by telephone last week….their price was lower today.

I called them and asked them why the $55 price drop in a week? They said they have special pricing agreements with this site and offer a discount via that banner. I am not sure why they would do that, seems it would cost them more money, but I did get my windshield installed for the lower price… it pays to shop around. Thanks for this service you are offering for free.


San Jose CA

May 28th, 2008

Reader Question: I need a cheap replacement windshield for my car….2002 Honda Accord. Do these replacement type windshields offer the same safety protection as a genuine Honda replacement windshield?


Trenton NJ

Hi Chris, from what I have read, these replacement car windshields have to undergo some tough safety testing before they can be sold to the public. I am not an expert obviously, but I do not feel these replacement windshields are a safety issue. By all means ask the installer for their opinion on this matter before you install one.

May 28th, 2008

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