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Reader Question I guess I am the lucky one on this site. My Ford F150 windshield was hit with a small rock the other day, and my mechanic told me that it was too large of a crack to repair….but I took it to Deep Ellum auto glass in Dallas, TX and they were able to repair it without a problem. Their number is (214) 712-0000


Dallas, Texas

May 16th, 2008

Reader Question I really don’t have a question as much as a comment about windshield replacement services. I too thought I could get my Honda Accord windshield crack repaired, but it was evidently too big of a crack for them to properly repair….so I had to get a new Honda windshield installed.

I wanted to concur with others on this site, that the service that is recommended here was super easy….offered the cheapest quotes I found on the net, and they had nice free mobile installation service. So if you need a new windshield or any type of auto glass installed on your car, I highly recommend this service.


San Antonio, TX

May 16th, 2008

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